Are you planning to invest in stocks?

To begin trading in equities, you need to have a:

    • Bank account: Use this money for trading
    • Trading account: Helps you place buy and sell orders in the stock market, links bank & demat account

Demat account: Enables you to store your shares in an electronic platform


Why do we need a demat account?

  1. To trade in equities

As per SEBI Regulations, transfer of securities would not be processed unless the securities are held in the materialized form. Therefore, you need to have a Demat account to trade in the stock market. 

    1. Easy transfer of shares

A Demat account ensures easy share transfers. You can transfer your holdings through a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) or Receipt Instruction Slip (RIS).

    1. Faster dematerialization of securities

A Demat account helps you convert physical shares in a dematerialized form. This can be done quickly by providing instructions to your depository participant (DP).

    1. Pledging to avail loan: Loans Against Shares

You can use your shares as collateral for a loan, using your Demat account.

    1. Freezing Demat accounts

You can freeze your stocks for a certain period using your Demat account.This prevents unexpected debit or credit into one’s Demat Account. The freezing option is also available for a specific quantity of securities held in the account.

    1. Elimination of risks

With physical certificates there are risks such as bad delivery, fake securities, delays, thefts etc. Also it is easier for investors to keep a check as Demat Accounts are more accessible on different modes like mobile phones and laptops.

    1. Quick and Easy Trades

You can perform quick transactions using your Demat account. The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and CDSL allow you to send instruction slips easily to your DP.

    1. Corporate benefits & actions

If the companies, you have invested in, offer dividends, refunds, or interest, these benefits get transferred directly through your Demat account.In addition, corporate actions like bonus issues, right shares, or stock split are automatically updated in the Demat account of all the shareholders.

    1. Track portfolio performance

You can track the performance of your stocks. Open a demat account now and start investing!

    1. Follow market news

Demat account can help you follow announcements from companies you have purchased stocks.

APNA NIVESH has a wide range of smart investment options to choose an investment portfolio of your choice. 
Open a litime free demate a/c* and start investing.

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